Introducing…Caleb Calloway




Bursting on to the scene under the veteran wing of Loco Dice, Caleb Calloway is storming the dance floors of Europe. Starting as he means to go on, Caleb’s inaugural set outside of America saw him opening Amnesia’s main room for Pan-Pot at HYTE – now his extensive touring schedule continues with Dice through the UK & US clubbing calendar before landing at W34 for the sold out Shindig show Saturday November 7th.


/// After growing up in Puerto Rico, what appealed to you about studying in New York City?


New York City is the musical mecca in the USA, it’s the birthplace of Hip Hop and has one of the most famous nightlife scenes in the world I felt being around all of this and studying music was a perfect fit. New York allowed me to grow learn and make many connections plus I was interning and working at some of the best studios in the world helped me progress a lot musically.


/// Which direction did you intend to take after graduating and where did you end up?


After I graduated I had a internship lined up at “The Cutting Room” which is a renowned studio for Hip Hop artists in the 90s from Mos Def, Jay Z to Talib Kweli and many more big act in 00s. I worked there as an intern and assisted on sessions for about a year. After a year I saw I had done as much as I could and that I didn’t want engineering to be my main thing, so I decided to move to Puerto Rico and really focus on just my DJ career and producing full time.


/// Take us back before your tour, how did you connect with Loco Dice? What prompted the collaboration? Any memorable moments so far?


I connected with Dice after a gig he did in Puerto Rico where I played support I met earlier in the day before the gig and we hung out after the party I showed him some music and something just clicked. One of the memorable moments has to be when Dice did the 24 hour set on the Space terrace in Miami for NYE in 2014. I did a 5 hour support set which was awesome and we were all there for the next 24 hours, it was an amazing experience.






/// As well as DJing, has his mentoring also extended to the studio?


Dice always has great advice and ideas on how I should begin to move in the music world which has helped a lot. We haven’t gotten in the studio yet because of the tour we are traveling all the time but he’s given me some tips on working on solo music for the moment and letting people know who I am as a producer before collating with a lot of people.


/// What kind of influences do you draw from your productions as a Latin American artist? Do you prefer to keep those sounds separated?


I make music with a blank slate mentality, I don’t think of a certain influence I just let the vibes flow… but undoubtedly there is a latin american swagger, a “BORICUA” swagger to everything I do.


/// You’ve made your UK debut at Manchester’s Warehouse Project a couple of weeks ago before you play the Shindig Warehouse, are these types of venues new to you and what are you expecting from a UK crowd?


These massive venues in Europe are all very new to me. In the US it’s more just clubs and smaller bars we have, excluding the Pacha’s and Club Spaces we don’t really have so many warehouse parties. So it’s really amazing to hear my music in such a massive space with thousands of people on amazing sound systems. From the UK crowd I didn’t really know what to expect, I just know they are a very smart crowd and I’m just going to vibe with them and have a great time.


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