5 Minutes with…Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider_side portrait_colour_web_ credit Kerstin Zu Pan




/// We’re big fans of your latest EP ‘Soul Traveller’. The music feels really personal – what was the inspiration behind the EP? 


Thanks very much. It’s a very emotional track, groovier, more versatile and I felt more mature with it. It took way more time and was produced with analog hardware and with a very special person.


/// You’re a long time music collector. Are there any particular artists that have really stood out for you over your career and inspired you to take the road you have musically?


Of course there’s a lot. I remember the golden nights in the 90’s when Sven Väth had a strong impression on me about what a DJ could do. He inspired me a lot and I never saw someone who could really guide an audience so far.

And of course I moved early to Berlin in the 90s and you could feel the whole Detroit influence here which still plays a big part in my career and something I really respect.


Richie Hawtin has also inspired me. The way he is always thinking on a global scale and is always for the music and creativity. It may sound funny to say, but I’d say he’s very unselfish which is rare in this business.


/// Does the creative process become more difficult as the years go by? What steps do you take to stay inspired and your music sounding fresh? 


A creative process will be always a creative process and it can’t be guided in my point of view. Of course you have more possibilities these days but also more competition. That makes it more difficult to create something outstanding or even something that will last for more than 4 weeks.


/// Your career involves you travelling a lot – do you find the world around you and the different experiences on tour inspiring, or distracting?


I’m always inspired by the world around me. I’m blessed in what I’m doing and I’m trying to give as much input I can and every day I’m thankful for this. Through my job I’ve met so many amazing people and amazing places which of course touched my soul and was necessary for my development as a musician.


Anja Schneider_credit Kerstin Zu Pan_colour portrait_web 


/// You’re on the bill for our first show back in our iconic warehouse venue W34. Is there a special track for you that has that trademark warehouse rave feel? 


OMG so many…hard to name just one.


/// This will be your second time playing Shindig, almost a year to the day since your debut! Do you have any fond or key memories from the last show you played (with Joris Voorn)? 


I have very good memories and amazing fun. I love these dark sweaty places because it always reminds me of the beginning when I first started raving. Of course we party now all over the world – on boats, planes, villas, beaches, jungles, pools, rooftops etc. But if I’m honest with myself, I’m a typical warehouse girl and I love this vibe the most.


/// The receptions for your Shindig appearances in Newcastle have both been huge – we can’t wait to have you back with us. How do the crowds of the North East match up against the rest of the world? 


I love the people over there so much – they will always tell you the truth and are the most honest crowd I know.


/// What can we expect from you in the coming months? 


Watch out for my remix for Catz ‘N Dogz -‘Joy’ which will be released in April. I’m also working on another EP.



Anja Schneider plays SHINW34/037 this Saturday 5th March at W34 /// Tickets are available via Resident Advisor.


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