5 Minutes with…Lauren Lo Sung


/// Hey Lauren, nice to meet you and thanks for talking to us today! How has 2017 been for you so far?



Hey! Thanks for having me. 2017 has been exciting so far, I’ve had some great gigs across the UK and Europe, including Albert Hall in Manchester for ANTS last week and my LOLiFE events have been really fun in Liverpool. My first vinyl EP of the year is out this month ‘Tresor EP’, it’s been getting regular plays from the likes of Skream, Dana Ruh, Josh Butler + more. I’ve confirmed lots of exciting gigs in Ibiza this summer (TBA). This week I’ve been in Red Bull Studios with Monki and Citizenn, working on a track for the next Monki & Friends album, so I’ve been nice and busy!



/// You’re from Liverpool, what got you into dance music and when did you begin Djing?



My elder brother and sister were into Cream / Hed Kandi/ Subliminal when I was still in nappies. So, when I was growing up I had no choice but to eventually start loving it myself. When I was 11 years old I got some beginner decks from my parents so that I could just lock myself away in my bedroom and learn how to mix. By the time I was 18 and at Uni in Manchester, I had residencies across Manchester and eventually decided to started my own night LOLiFE.



/// You’ve played at Yousef’s legendary Circus – how has the Liverpool scene benefitted your own career? And electronic music?



I’ve been going clubbing since I was 15, dance music has always been hugely popular in Liverpool, especially with the old Cream residing there. Funky House was all I used to hear at clubs in my teens, I loved it. I visited the likes of Gbar and Garlands most weekends, until I finally played at Garlands, became a resident at Gbar and my hobby started progressing into a career. I love House Music and Liverpool has strongly influenced that while I growing up. I started playing for Circus about a year ago, it’s a great party and they bring some huge bookings to the city.



/// When was it you started your own club night, LOLiFE? What inspired you to start your own night in the first place?



When I was 18 and at Uni in Manchester a friend of mine called me to say a basement club named ‘Red Rum’ were looking for promoters to run events there. I was a bit hesitant at first because I’d never done anything like that before, and was still building my confidence DJ’ing. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did, it meant that I could play what I wanted and didn’t have to follow any rules. I used to do all night long sets at first, eventually asking friends to play too. Two of the friends I asked to play; Baxter & O’Hanlon are still residents for LOLiFE and they help me run the shows now too. We went on to host after parties for The Warehouse Project and became a clubbing partner for them too which is pretty cool.




/// Did LOLiFE help get your DJ career off the ground?



LOLiFE made a great foundation for my career, it gave me the freedom to find my own sound and play what I loved rather than following others. It definitely helped get my career off the ground because it helped get my name out there, I had a regular event at Red Rum which then lead to other basement clubs like Joshua Brooks. We had some parties in London and then my hometown Liverpool. I suppose you could say LOLiFE helped me get a foot in the door with Parklife and The Warehouse Project too, a few of the people that work at WHP came to LOLiFE and eventually asked me to play for them.



/// What’s special about the club scene up North compared to the likes of London?



They are very similar, London has got a wider range of clubs and bars than North. You’ve got the likes of Fabric, Ministry, EGG and Printworks but the North has a great range of Warehouse parties too such as WHP and Shindig- not to mention a great selection of smaller clubs. The crowds up North have always been really welcoming and up for it when I’ve played there, I’m excited!



/// The last few years have seen you play all over from Ibiza to Dubai. What to you makes for a good party? The sound system? The setting/space? Maybe it’s the crowd?



It’s a bit of everything really. A good sound system is a must; at the end of the day, people are paying their hard earned cash to hear a DJ play. The clubs need to make sure their set ups can ensure a good listening experience. The space needs to be acoustically fitting for the sound, the lighting adds to the atmosphere and there’s no party without a crowd that’s up for it. If you get all of those things right you’re in for a good night! I’ll never forget playing for Carl Cox at Space on the Terrace last year, that room for me is/was the best I’ve ever danced in, nevermind played in!



/// Your production credentials are rapidly growing. When did you catch the music-making bug? Was this before or after Djing?



I’ve been producing for around 6 years now. I found it really difficult at first, it was so frustrating not being able to make the sound I wanted to make in my head. It’s like anything though, the more time you put into it the better the results are. I’ve only really liked the music I’ve been making over the past 2 years, so all those hours in my home studio are starting to pay off finally. It’s great to get recognition from some of my favourite labels such as; Hector’s ‘Vatos Locos’ which I have a couple of releases with this year and will be playing at the Vatos Locos show in Sonar Barcelona. Not to mention Rutilance, House Puff and a remix I’m currently working on for Yousef’s CIRCUS. DJ’ing came first, I’ve been DJ’ing for a good 8 years as a profession. There’s no better feeling than working on a track for days and then being able to play it out to hundreds/thousands of people, it gives me a huge buzz.



/// Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Lauren! Finally, what do you like to get up to besides music?



I love to cook, I took part in the ADE cook-off last year with Eats Everything and co. Seth Troxler was on the judging panel and he said my food was the best tasting out of the lot, despite only coming 3rd I was buzzing haha! I also love to travel with my Fiancé Siân – a bonus about this job is I get to see a lot of places and it’s great when she can share it with me too!



Lauren Lo Sung plays Shindig tonight at Riverside /// Final Tickets are available via Resident Advisor.



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