5 Minutes with…Heidi



/// “Tell us about your top 5 memorable moments at Shindig…’ 

Remembering anything after shindig is tough because you guys are really good at getting me drunk. I have a few stand out fuzzy memories though.
The first time I played for you guys & I think it was your 16th or 18th birthday. It was with Claude Von Stroke and we drank the bar dry of Jagermeister and pretty much fell out of the DJ booth.




2nd one was when I played with Cajmere (my main man) and I danced so hard while he was playing I broke my shoe.

3rd was playing with another mentor of mine DJ Sneak and getting so stoned with him that after I ate a kebab the size of Texas after the show and then made myself sick because it was so gross!





Last but not least was Shindig’s festival last May. They had a massive rain storm in the morning and they were so worried they would have to cancel the whole  thing but then the sun came out and there were thousands of people raving with giant smiles on their faces. I ended up getting mega pissed with Maceo Plex and then went back to the hotel and of all the people in the world we ended up hanging out with hip hop legends Sugarhill Gang in the bar having the best night ever.

I guess I remember more than I thought I did hahaha. 


/// Is there a track that you remember that took the warehouse by storm?

I remember dropping Jimmy Edgar’s “Strike” track when it came out a few year ago. It hadn’t been released yet so no one knew it yet and the place went absolutely mental. 



/// What is it you love about the Newcastle crowd?

I love that they have no inhibitions. They are mad for it and playing there is always an absolute treat for me. You know how much I love the north of England. Zero attitude when it comes to musical taste. I’ve also dated 2 Geordies for quite a long time and their sense of humour is right up my street. 



Heidi plays Jackathon alongside Tom Trago, Kim Ann Foxman and Jasper James this Bank Holiday Sunday 1st May at W34 /// Tickets are available via Resident Advisor.


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