5 minutes with Emanuel Satie


/// Hi Emanuel, you’ve just finished a respectable 15-dates across Europe including Hï Ibiza, how was that? Any special moments?


Hey guys! It was a really special summer, Ibiza was on fire! Hï was definitely one of the highlights, I like what they’ve done with the club. It’s not an easy task to follow Space but they’ve solved it very well by going in a different direction and building a very modern club. The toilet floor is a great idea and the production all over is sick.

Ants was another highlight and so was Do Not Sleep at Sankeys. Otherwise I really enjoyed playing the bigger festivals like Eastern Electrics, Nic Fanciulli’s The Social and Nature One. I‘ve also loved the intimate connection with people at smaller clubs this year too – like Watergate and Odonien in Germany.


/// When did you know you wanted to become a DJ?


The first time I put my hands on a pair of 1210s, I knew. But I bought a lot of vinyl even before I knew how to DJ – I spent money on Villalobos, Cadenza and Minus records back then because I loved the minimal sound, particularly the subtlety of it.


I was studying at the time and going out a lot when I first started, seriously attracted by club music, and I had all these records but no clue how to spin. Eventually, I met a DJ at a party and after he saw how passionate I was for the music he offered me to meet up in his studio and teach me how to DJ. We did this every Saturday for a year, getting high and practicing in his basement, I even cancelled dates for it haha.


/// What’s your favourite club to play?


That’s a hard question to answer so I’ll give you a few. Definitely the Waterfloor at Watergate. Hï Ibiza is great too. Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires is an outside location that just creates an incredible vibe, and I have to mention Odonien in Cologne again. It’s a small, rough club with amazing sound and monitoring that just goes OFF. Revolver in Melbourne is without a doubt one of the most special dancefloors in the world too. To be honest, those are just 4 from the top of my head but there are so many more amazing places I could mention here.


/// You played Shindig for the first time on Saturday for their Halloween Warehouse event – how was it?


It was very good of course! The venue was packed early on and people were going nuts for every beat. It’s true what they say about the Newcastle crowd.



/// While this was your first time playing for Shindig, what’s your experience been of Newcastle and the North East in general.


I love this true rave mentality people have here, going all out like there’s no tomorrow and being crazy for the music. The support for the DJs is massive aswell, cheering almost like at a football game, which pushes me a lot when I play and only makes me want to perform even better.


/// You’ve released on Moon Harbour, Saved, DFTD, Get Physical… Any brand-new tunes we can expect dropping during your set?


Yes! I’ve just signed a new EP on Matthias Tanzmann’s label Moon Harbour. I also have a new track coming out on Rebirth – it’s different with a deeper and more housey sound than my usual stuff. I’ll also drop one of my secret weapons of the moment, my rework of Laurent Garnier’s ‘Man With The Red Face’.


/// Berlin’s reputation for electronic music needs little introduction. What’s it like living there?


It’s great living here. The city is very relaxed and social: we have amazing clubs and parties, obviously Berghain/Panorama Bar, Watergate and Club der Visionäre. Inspiration is never far and the people around me are creative, passionate and always trying to make things happen. I love the energy.


/// How has the UK scene influenced your music?


Actually, quite a lot. I’ve always been drawn to house music and there is much more of it coming out of the UK than out of Germany. So I always had that connection, particularly releasing with UK labels like Saved, DFTD and Gruuv and playing UK shows quite a bit. I love coming to the UK every time, the crowd is always up for it, people are open and friendly, and without a doubt you guys have the best sense of humor ever!





/// Who throws the best parties in Europe?


Haha you’re putting me on the spot here! I think there are amazing promoters everywhere, so I really can’t give a gold medal to anyone in particular. The obvious heavyweights are in Ibiza, UK, Germany and Netherlands, but smaller nations like Belgium and Switzerland are absolutely smashing it as well. Check out Labyrinth in Hasselt/Belgium or Hive in Zurich to see what I mean.


///Finally, what have you got lined up – releases or gigs – that has you really excited?



Release wise, as I mentioned my Moon Harbour EP will be out in November and my Rebirth EP out in December. I’m also working on a Body Language mix compilation for Get Physical, which will be a biggie. And who knows maybe I’ll release my Laurent Garnier rework too sometime soon!




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