5 minutes with…Yousef


/// Thanks for joining us Yousef! How has 2017 been for you so far?


Relentless! Touring, music, projects, Circus, other projects…. Remixes, family, running, every day something is happening.


/// Everything started for you in Liverpool. What’s special about the city and its music scene? 


It’s the people – the way the locals are is extremely inclusive and it’s rubbed off on the endless people that have moved to Liverpool and those that visit. People love music of all varieties, all people from Liverpool have a poetic heart.


/// As head of Circus and Circus Recordings you’ve supported an ever-growing roster of grassroots talent. Who are you particularly excited about rising through the ranks right now?


Yes i’m pushing all sorts of names, but it’s got to be Kydus & Bontan who are both heading the new talent roster. Both of them have a knack to make memorable dance floor cuts that hop DJ genres; their music is underground but also big enough for the main floors. Proper.


/// Circus has had a huge 15 years; can you share any particularly memorable and stand out moments since the night’s inception?


I could write a book on the highlights (actually…). But even with the awards we’ve won, incredible nights and amazing parties I have to say the fact we are still rocking it is a big achievement. We still have the same ethos and are still pushing new music in the same way as we have always done.


/// What plans do you have for Circus’ 15-year anniversary? 


We are doing a series of 15 years parties in Liverpool beginning with the 15th birthday party with myself, Carl Cox and a TON of other major names. Then Halloween and again the December party. We are also putting together a year of 15 global parties that will be spread across Chile, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, Manchester and more. We’re releasing a 15-year album on September 29th too with 15 brand new tracks made specifically for Circus Recordings by 15 of the world’s top artists. It’s actually pretty impressive I’ve managed to get it all together. 



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/// What’s your relationship with Shindig and Newcastle?


I’ve been playing since 2000, I think. I used to rock 4 vinyl decks at foundation when I was very young where I played bi-monthly. It was immense. I had a girlfriend from Jesmond for a long time too so I was there a lot. Similar to Liverpool the people are warm and know how to party!


/// How do nights like Shindig influence what you get up to with Circus? 


I think it’s the other way around! 😉


/// You’re playing alongside Joseph Capriati, Joris Voorn, Marco Faraone, Butch and Nathan Barato for the upcoming Shindig show at Digital. What can fans expect? Any surprises in store?


Yes, I will be debuting much of the Circus 15 album tracks that no one else in the world has – there is some really outstanding music on the release. But I’m still on 4 decks and still going to let rip! 


/// Three tracks that you’re really digging and including in your sets at the moment? 


Hot since 82 – Chasing – Circus Recordings

Paco Osuna – Slow to Funk – Circus Recordings

Carl Cox – Dark Alleys – Circus Recordings


/// What does 2018 hold for Yousef and Circus?


More of the same but I’m going to be dad for the 2nd time – that’s going to be the big news!



Yousef plays SHINDIG/XL –  Bank Holiday Sunday Aug 27th at Digital Newcastle /// Tickets are available via Resident Advisor.



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