5 minutes with…ANDHIM




/// How would you compare the UK and German party crowd? Which is more open minded?


We have always put both crowds on a par, there is a lot of similarities which is why we enjoy coming the UK so much!


/// Did you have time to explore Newcastle while you were here for the Shindig anniversary?


No, unfortunately it was raining and we had to go straight to the site to play. This time we hope to explore a lot and have a pint or two of Newcastle Brown Ale!




/// Where is your favorite record store located?


I used to go to Kompakt and Groove Attack when I lived in Cologne. But by the time I moved I already played with USB so I don’t go to techno record stores anymore to get my stuff. Next to my flat there is a very old school record store which has been there for over 25 years. I go there sometimes to dig and buy records for sampling though.



/// What’s a traditional food dish from your hometown that you wish you could find on the road?


The Turkish Market in Kreuzberg is amazing. Delicious freshly made creams and hummus, fruits and vegetables! THE BEST!






/// Did you ever sneak in to clubs when you were younger? Have you seen this happen while touring?


The very first club experience I can remember was a Hip Hop party in our hometown Cologne, Germany around 1998. It took place in an off location next to the Neumarkt. I was 14 and super nervous, worried to even go in. I still wonder how I managed to get in but there I was, a teenager surrounded by all the older Hip Hop heads, watching curiously and with big eyes taking everything in what happened. Back in the days when Hip Hop still had this wonderful old school touch, it was like a dream to me. Next to me there were people freestyling, a few meters away some break dancers showed their moves, all accompanied by the music one of my early DJ heroes playing..



ANDHIM play SHINLTD/007 Saturday 21st November at World Headquarters /// Tickets are available via Resident Advisor.



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