5 minutes with ADISON





/// Thanks for joining us! What have you been up to recently?


Hi, thanks for having me. I’ve recently just finished building my new studio and there was a transitional period where I was without any regular studio access. These last few weeks have been spent catching up on a backlog of studio work built up over the festive period. January can be a slow month in this industry, but I certainly haven’t felt that. Aside from that, I have been fulfilling my A&R role at Under No Illusion recordings, working closely with some amazing artists as we gear up to launch our new sister Label ‘UP’ (Under Pressure) Recordings this year.


/// You’re from Newcastle so it must always be a good feeling to play back home. How would you describe the music scene in the North East?


It’s great to play to a home crowd. Announcing a home gig is always followed by a flood of inboxes from friends and family excited to see you play, it’s an amazing buzz and I can’t see it ever getting old. These are the people who support you unconditionally, playing for them is an honour and it always will be. We have some of the most passionate and dedicated clubbers on the planet. These individuals combined with Newcastle’s renowned and almost religious club culture are the catalysts that drive the amazing music scene in this city and make gigs like this one such a special experience for any artist.


/// You’re making your Shindig debut in March, what does it mean to you to be playing at Shindig? Do you have any fond memories of Shindig over the years?


Playing for Shindig is a huge deal. I know a few local up and coming artists who would give their right arm for a chance to play. What Shindig have achieved over the years is staggering, bringing high calibre DJ’s to the area isn’t an easy task for any promoter. There are more elements to putting on a party than meets the eye, but Shindig have always got everything spot on and that really resonates with this local crowd. One of my fondest Shindig memories was a couple of years ago meeting my now agent and manger Kal Jhugroo backstage at the Loco Dice show. I had just won the Under No Illusion remix competition and he was one of the judges so I was already on his radar, he handed me a business card and the rest is history!


/// You’ve graced the decks at clubs and events such as Circus & Sankey’s, what are some of your favourite club/nights to play and why?


I love intimate gigs where you can really connect with the crowd, low celling’s and a great sound system is where my heart lies. Sankey’s Ibiza in its prime has to be up there with one of my favourite venues I’ve played, even just as a clubber on the island I would opt to spend most nights there over bigger clubs. But generally, clubs in Newcastle is where I find I have the most fun, interacting, socialising and networking with friends from all over the region while you play is when I am most in my element.



/// You’ve received continued support from the likes of Richy Ahmed, Hot Since 82, Steve Lawler and many more. How does it feel for your music to gain recognition from artists like these?


Gaining recognition for something you dedicate your life to is everything. Seeing artists who are at the top of their game supporting your music in some of the best venues all over the world is very humbling. Richy in particular has shown me huge support this past year. We are both from the same area but hadn’t ever met until ADE last year. He gave me his number and said send me everything you have and since then he has supported my music in near enough every set. This snowballed and I also gained support from individuals who have influenced my sound and style from day one. Seeing footage of artists like Hot Since 82 and Steve Lawler playing your productions to thousands of people makes all the hours in the studio worthwhile.


/// You’ve got an upcoming EP to be released on VIVa, how did this collaboration come about? What can we expect to hear from it?


VIVa has been a label I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember, with tracks old and new regularly featuring in my sets. I wrote the EP in just under a week and as soon as it was finished my manager sent Steve the EP on Saturday afternoon, that night he played both the A-side and the B-side out at Ants Ushuaia. Straight after the show he text my manager and said he wants to release it.


It’s a 3 track EP – Payback is a combination of energetic precision, darker sampling and a really punchy and driving low end. I actually started with the breakdown when making this track which is very unusual for me, normally I start with the drums and progress from there.


The untrue mix is the more sinister B-Side. This mix actually came about by accident, I rearranged some of the bass notes and ended up really liking how it sounded. It managed to create a rhythm that compliments the lead track but still provides a noticeably contrasting sound.


Deception is built on a solid foundation of hypnotic synthy sounds, I focused on making sure this track was melodic throughout the top end with hard hitting, driving low ends. A record that won’t ever sound out of place in a peak time set.


/// What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?


This is a tough one. I think just gaining overall support from key players in the industry has been a big achievement in itself. Sometimes you second guess yourself musically, whether it be with a certain track you have made that seems to be sitting slightly cross-genre, or just generally listening to your own music too much in the production process can warp your judgement. Having your peers and people you look up to tell you that your music is on point and then seeing them give it their full support is a huge personal achievement for me. It’s those little bits of reassurance that can bring a whole new level of drive and general determination to succeed in this industry. Then of course there’s playing for Shindig, not much really I have to say on this. All of the previous line-ups and productions speak volumes. It is a gig I’m going to take great pride in.


/// What are three tracks you’re really digging and including in your sets at the moment?


Josh Butler – Integrate (8Bit Recordings) – The second track in a 3 track EP on one of my favourite labels. The whole EP is fire but ‘Integrate’ has my pick, 8Bit never fails to deliver.


Adison – Payback (iVAV Recordings) – Cheeky self-plug here, jokes aside this has been working great in my sets for the last four months. High energy peak time sound.


Catz n’ Dogz – New Love (Pets Recordings) – Obsessed with this track at the minute. I haven’t had a chance to play this out yet. End of the night, hands in the air sort of stuff. The perfect closing track just as the lights come on.


/// What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?


Expect a lot more music from me this year. I’m currently working on a mini-album consisting of 5 tracks for a huge label which I can’t disclose at the minute. I’ve also recently completed a remix of Jem Cooke, arguably one of the most current electronic female vocalists on the market so I’m really excited about releasing details on that soon.

I’m also working collectively on bringing to life a brand-new concept called DISTRKT. It’s been a surreal experience so far seeing the ideas we spent months discussing finally come to light. We are getting the ball rolling with our launch event this Good Friday over in South Shields. Jansons will be headlining with talks of a record label and live stream series to follow. Gigs wise I’ll be playing in Berlin, Glasgow, Manchester and of course Newcastle these coming weeks which I’m really looking forward to.


ADISON joins Ki Creighton, Sorley and Holly Fisher as Under No Illusion host Room 2 Saturday 2nd March. 


Shindig X He.She.They – Maya Jane Coles, Honey Dijon, Emanuel Satie & More – Tickets Available



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